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Law Office of Karvelis and Associates
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Karvelis and Associates law firm has established itself as a reliable and trusted name in the field of legal services since the year 1981. With more than forty years of experience and a highly qualified team of lawyers, we are able to cover legal issues and offer services high level, with the aim of serving the legal needs of our clients.
Our mission is to provide high quality legal services in all areas of Law, including Civil, Criminal and Administrative Law. Whether it is the judicial handling of your legal case, or the provision of advisory services, our lawyers are able to support you, assist you and offer you their services, with consistency, training and professionalism.
In addition, our office has an extensive network of experienced associates throughout Greece, but also abroad, allowing us to respond to your legal needs and take on cases, wherever you are. With a combination of many years of experience and modern legal methods, we ensure the optimal handling of your cases with knowledge, professionalism and confidentiality.
At the office "Karvelis and Associates," our main priority is the interest of our principals. Each customer is treated separately and individually, with respect, discretion and professionalism. We take every case seriously and consistently, ensuring the highest standards of ethics and legal integrity are met.
If you are looking for a law firm that combines experience and reliability with a modern approach and scientific training, the "Karvelis and Associates" office is here to help you and offer you our services. Contact us to discuss your problem and together find the best solution for you.