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The law office "Karvelis and Associates" is active in many areas of Law, offering specialized services in a variety of subjects.
The areas of activity of the office are described below:



  • Family Law: In this area, we offer services for the regulation of family relations, divorce proceedings and consensual divorces, child custody and support issues, communication with children, adoption and recognition of children, as well as infringement and recognition of paternity.
  • Real Estate Law / Real Estate Law: In this area we undertake the inspection of title deeds, the registration and elimination of encumbrances such as mortgages and encumbrances, deal with sales and resolve disputes between co-owners and neighbours, while returning to the land registry.
  • Tort Law / Contract Law: We cover all legal matters relating to tort and contract matters, including tenancies, evictions, torts and compensation.
  • Inheritance Law: We provide services for the settlement of inheritance matters, acceptances and disclaimers of inheritance, publication of wills, wills and issuance of certificates.
  • Road Accidents: We provide compensation services for road accidents, covering both material damage and bodily injury, moral damage and mental anguish.
  • Banking Law / Debt Settlement / Debt Settlement: We undertake debt settlement, the management of over-indebted households, the use of the out-of-court debt settlement mechanism and the out-of-court resolution of financial disputes.
  • Commercial/Corporate Law: We provide services for corporate contracts, formation and dissolution of companies, statutes and trademark registration.
  • Foreigners' Law: We deal with matters related to the acquisition of Greek citizenship, residence permits, permits for the transfer of workers, translations, ratifications and more.
  • Injunctive Measures / Special Procedures / Voluntary Jurisdiction: We undertake legal support in all matters related to injunctive measures, special procedures and voluntary jurisdiction.




In the field of criminal law, we provide full support, handling criminal cases of all types and degrees. We provide legal support during the criminal process, undertake representation and defense at the hearing, deal with spontaneous offenses and provide representation services to the investigator, as well as filing lawsuits and crimes.



Administrative law:

In the field of administrative law, we handle administrative cases of all kinds and degrees. We represent our clients before Administrative Courts and Administrative Authorities, lodge objections and appeals against fines and take voluntary jurisdiction.

The law office "Karvelis and Associates" is dedicated to providing a high level of legal services to each client, seeking to resolve each legal case with precision and dedication in the interest of its clients. Our experience, combined with modern legal methods, ensures confidentiality and trust in serving the legal needs of our clients.